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Our Mission:
To help empower the Afro community, by creating a society that will help educate and inspire our people to become leaders that will contribute to the communities. Jim Crow still exist, has been modernized, and this movement will crumble anything that will hold our people from succeeding.

Vision Statement:
This organization will enable the Afro people to unite as one so we can build a strong society. Economically, mentally physically, spiritually, and emotionally stronger, we will become independent people that will conquer all missions.

Our Mission

The Afro Vision of Empowerment Society

Get Involved

How to get Involved

As AVES begins to provide quality programs, services, and events for the community it serves, often the need arises for volunteer support. Therefore, we ave developed varies volunteer opportunities where participants can assist our staff by helping out as program assistants, outreach coordinators, and student interns. 


The annual fund drive primarily consists of our direct mail program. Twice a year, we conduct our direct mail solicitation to our supporters and constituents where they will have the opportunity to donate $25, $50, $100, $250, or $500 to the organization. The mail drive is held annually in the months of November and May. If you would like to be added to our mailing list please Contact us

Fund Drive


"Not just your coffee."

Believe it or not inmates have made some of the most intimate garments for some of the industries clothing leaders. Not only will you help an inmate/individual sharpen the skills needed to get a job, you are also helping support a global market that helps increases US made clothing. Shop today for great quality and affordable apparel. 

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